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One 100-meter runner from the historic Delhi event fails a drug test

<p>A drug test was failed by the lone competitor in the 100m event at the Delhi State meet, which made news when all the other finalists ran when National Anti-Doping (NADA) authorities arrived. The athlete tested positive for drostanolone metabolite, an anabolic steroid often used in bodybuilding to increase strength and decrease fat. The athlete had competed alone when the other competitors did not show up for the final.</p>
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<p>NADA authorities notified the athlete via email in October on the unfavorable analytical results. The test was conducted on September 26, the day of the 100-meter final, according to the story that The Indian Express has obtained.</p>
<p>The concerned athlete feels he is being set up and has denied using any performance-enhancing drugs. “Agar mai aata hi nahi toh mai final me liya hota nahi.If I had used performance-enhancing substances, I would have left with the others. I’ve never used drugs… He told the newspaper, “I think certain instructors are trying to frame me.</p>
<p>The athlete said that since he lacked the funds for the test, he would not file an appeal with NADA to have his B sample tested. “I visited the NADA office and was informed that the testing of my B sample will cost Rs 16,500. My career was doomed from the beginning. I need to discover some kind of evidence, and as of right now, I don’t have any, so I can’t appeal. The athlete said, “Maybe the protein supplements I took were tainted.</p>
<p>dopingThe concerned athlete feels he is being set up and has denied using any performance-enhancing drugs. (FILE)<br />
The Delhi Athletics Association’s top official acknowledged the news and said that the state organization is working hard to improve the sport in the nation’s capital. “We’re trying our hardest. Testing is encouraged in our tournaments. We will work to educate coaches and players about the harmful consequences of doping in order to prevent such events in the future, the official said.The September Delhi State meet debacle, as reported by The Indian Express, caused World Athletics and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the world’s regulatory body of sports, to voice their concerns about the general state of affairs. WADA said that they were keeping an eye on the issue in an email to The Indian Express.</p>
<p>“We want NADA to be at state meetings, and I talked with them about it yesterday. During our conversation, I assured NADA that they would be informed of the location and timing of the state meetings. India’s standing is under jeopardy. We are now in second place (in doping). We are going to have a far larger issue if we don’t stop this. If we have to submit a bid to host the Olympic Games, we do not want that to occur. Adille Sumariwalla, the vice-president of World Athletics and the president of the Athletics Federation of India, told reporters at the national federation’s most recent annual general meeting, “We have to solve this problem.”</p>
<p>Indian athletics has always been plagued by the doping problem, particularly at the junior level when testing and oversight haven’t been as strict. In a recent The Indian Express Idea discussion, Neeraj Chopra, the current Olympic and World champion in javelin throw, also shared his concerns over doping.</p>
<p>We are confident in our ability to perform effectively without doping. Think clearly, be patient, and don’t expect miracles right away. Perhaps children believe they need outcomes right away since their family don’t provide for them financially. However, I will ask families to exercise patience. Many are capable, but doping prevents them from performing to their full potential. If they concentrate on natural food, training, technique, and recuperation, India may win medals. If you compete well, money will flow to you naturally,” Chopra said.</p>

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