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The Pakistani tour becomes worse as former captain Junior makes arguments

<p>During a training session in Canberra, Pakistan’s Sarfaraz Ahmed and Saud Shakeel got into a furious argument on the eve of their four-day practice match against Australia’s President XI. Pakistan will play three Test matches in Australia, with the first match taking place in Perth on December 14. But Pakistan will play a four-day match at Canberra’s Manuka Oval beginning on Wednesday, before of the series. But the beginning of Pakistan’s visit had been problematic since no one had shown up to collect them at the airport. The video has gained widespread popularity.</p>
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<p>Now, at one of the practice sessions, Saud and Sarfaraz got into a verbal sparring match before the curtain raiser. On social media, the video has become quite popular.</p>
<p>The chat between Sarfaraz and Saud, who both compete for Karachi in the local league, was interpreted by Cricket Pakistan.</p>
<p>“For how long will I continue to be of use to you?” According to what Shakeel said in the video</p>
<p>In response, Sarfaraz said, “You won’t be useful to me. First of all, I never gave you any instructions. I never asked you to switch things around. I switched places with the person I was going to.”</p>
<p>“You still made the swap, so I was beneficial to you,” Shakeel retorted.</p>
<p>Saud and Sarfaraz were engaged in another incident a few days ago.</p>
<p>Sarfaraz had filed an appeal for Saud Shakeel’s timed-out dismissal because he was taking a long time to reach a compromise.</p>
<p>When Saud realized the same, he dashed into the center and was finally ruled not out.</p>
<p>At the Manuka Oval, this resulted in joyous scenes as Pakistani players applauded and cheered at the humorous situation.</p>
<p>The following players will represent Pakistan in the Australia Tests: Mohammad Rizwan (wk), Mohammad Wasim Jr., Noman Ali, Saim Ayub, Salman Ali Agha, Sarfaraz Ahmed (wk), Saud Shakeel, Imam-ul-Haq, Abrar Ahmed, Babar Azam, Faheem Ashraf, Hasan Ali, and Imam-ul-Haq.</p>

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