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Advance reservations for Adipurush will begin on June 11? What We Know Is This

The next movie Adipurush, which is slated for release on June 16th, will have South Indian big actor Prabhas as the lead. There is a lot of enthusiasm and expectation around the just released multilingual movie trailer. The advance ticket sales for the movie are slated to start this weekend as it gets closer to release.

According to a report by the entertainment website PinkVilla, the Adipurush crew would not only start accepting reservations but may also be planning to release their masterpiece on more than 4000 screens for the Hindi language alone. The Adipurush team is prepared to open the doors for their audience to buy the tickets starting on Sunday in full swing, the insider said the site. A few chosen places could open on Saturday, but full-fledged reservations are expected to start taking place on Sunday morning.

The insider said, “The Hindi screen count is expected to be around 4000, whereas the film is targeting a nationwide release on over 6200 screens,” in addition to the previous information. The team is going all out with its release model since it’s the most eagerly anticipated event extravaganza of the year. There is a probability that it will surpass 6500 screens, and we will know the precise number by Wednesday.

Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor has, in a touching turn of events, delightfully surprised the Adipurush team with his extraordinary generosity. The actor reportedly went above and above by purchasing 10,000 tickets for the highly anticipated opening day of the movie. According to reports, Kapoor’s humanitarian effort intends to provide disadvantaged orphan youngsters the chance to witness the splendor of this movie masterpiece.

According to the sources, renowned Telugu producer Abhishek Agarwal has followed in Kapoor’s footsteps by purchasing an equivalent number of seats for a worthwhile cause. The elderly in nursing homes and pupils at government schools will benefit from Agarwal’s charitable endeavor.

Now there are rumors that Ram Charan, who will play the lead role in the highly awaited movie Game Changer, would support the cause. According to sources, Charan would purchase 10,000 tickets and give them to his ardent supporters as well as impoverished kids.

The epic opus has already made $16,000 before 7 days of release across 8 places, exceeding that of K.G.F Chapter 2, which earned $2,900 across 6 locations, in the Australian & New Zealand markets, indicating an explosive start! Prabhas and Kriti Sanon’s performances as Raghav and Janaki undoubtedly touched the hearts of the viewers, and the Censor Board’s U-Certification of Adipurush makes it suitable for all audiences.

Adipurush, whose release date is planned for June 16, has already set the audacious target of amassing Rs 100 crore at the worldwide box office on its first day. The film is expected to exceed the historic milestone of Rs 1,000 crore, solidifying its status as an astonishing hit, if it lives up to the enormous promise shown in its most recent second trailer.

Adipurush is crucial for the movie’s main star Prabhas to create a resounding hit after the mixed reviews of his previous films, Saaho and Radhe Shyam. With the backing of the whole business, he is well-positioned to make a lasting impression and captivate viewers with his performance in Adipurush, restoring his status as a powerful force at the box office.




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