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To be allowed to play Nandini in Ponniyin Selvan, Trisha Krishnan asked Mani Ratnam for the following

Ponniyin Selvan: 2 by Mani Ratnam, his greatest work, has caused mayhem in theaters. PS-2 has worked its magic on the silver screen, from the majestic settings to the potent language and riveting performances from the star-studded ensemble.People particularly like the character Nandini played by Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai. The actress Trisha Krishnan, who portrays Princess Kundavai in PS: 2, initially wanted to play Nandini in the movie. However, the actress claimed in an interview that when Mani Ratnam was asked if she should play Nandini, the director responded that only Aishwarya could do the role justice.

Trisha said to a reporter how much she appreciated Nandini's portrayal of herself in Ponniyin Selvan. She said, “I would have loved to play her.” When the actress visited the director's office one day, she expressed her wish to be cast as Nandini and asked Mani Ratnam to do so. However, the director quickly rejected her request, implying that Nandini's role was the “first thing” that had been confirmed.

Trisha made a request, and Mani Ratnam said firmly, “Only Aishwarya can do that,” which Trisha was entirely OK with. Trisha previously spoke about how Mani Ratnam had warned her against interacting with Aishwarya too much for the film since their characters, Kundavai and Nandini, were competitors. Mani Ratnam gave the PS: 2 leading women some advice: “I need you guys to have a little bit of rivalry for my scene!”

Nandini and Kundavai are shown in the movie as sworn rivals. Nandini is an intelligent, beautiful lady who loves literature, art, and music. She hates Kundavai's diplomatic skills and tries to outrun her. In PS: 1 and PS: 2, Aishwarya and Trisha both had outstanding performances.

Ponniyin Selvan: 2, which hit theaters on April 28, has easily surpassed the $100 billion club in only three days. According to the many glowing reviews for the Mani Ratnam film, PS: 2 seems to have lived up to its billing as a flawless continuation of the original one. The movie also has Vikram, Karthi, Jayam Ravi, Aishwarya Lekshmi, R Sarathkumar, and Parthiban Radhakrishnan in significant roles in addition to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Trisha Krishnan.

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